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 Posted: Jun 22 2015, 06:42 AM


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the rules of libertas

general rules one. Libertas is an 18+ forum. You must be at least 18 years old to join.

two. Libertas is an inclusive forum. Bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc, will not be tolerated. Staff will do their best to deal with such issues as they appear, however, we are not always able to be online: if you have any concerns or issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

three. We allow any canon character from any format, whether it be movies, TV, video games or novels. Be aware that some authors request that their works are not used for RP or fanfiction, and respect their wishes. We do not accept original characters.

four. Register with your OOC Account, followed by your character accounts. Remember to link to your OOC Account in your character mini profiles! You may make use of the Jcink Subaccounts system to keep everything together.

five. We use a shipper app. Use the template provided. If you wish to expand upon your characters history, you may do so through the User CP. Your shipper should focus on your character as they exist in Bellona.

six. Avatar sizes are 250 x 400. Remember to credit the original artists/image source - there's a section in the mini profile for you to link to the original source of your images!

activity guidelines one. We hold official Roll Calls once every two months. This gives players the opportunity to review their characters and decide if they will continue playing them or not. Not replying to a Roll Call is considered the same as forfeiting all characters. You may also drop a character at any time via the moderation thread.

two. We expect players to make at least one IC post a month per character. We conduct these checks behind the scenes - there will be no formal Activity Check listing. It is up to a players own initiative to keep track of their characters activity status. Any characters who do not meet this requirement will be moved to the inactive group without warning. You are welcome to contact a staff member to re-app or with any other concerns about this process!

three. Libertas aims to be a worry-free roleplay in terms of activity. We do expect players to be active with all of their characters, however, we also understand that sometimes life gets in the way. Players with active absence threads will be exempt from the above requirements. Open communication in regards to absences is essential in maintaining our active character rosters - please do not hesitate to contact a staff member with any issues regarding these requirements.

roleplay guidelines one. We ask that posts be written in third person, past tense. Please read over your posts and ensure that they are legible and make sense. Our site operates on liquid time.

two. We are a premium board, and do allow mature content. While we have an open rating, we do want to make this a comfortable place for everyone to RP. Be sure to communicate with your partners about limits and restrictions. Our focus as a site is not on gore, pornography, etc - we allow mature content to supplement RP, and not as a focus.

CONTENT WARNING POLICY: Please mark mature threads, such as those that contain excessive sexual or violent content, with [M] in the title. If your thread involves any commonly triggering material, such as any form of abuse, gore, etc, please place a content warning either in the thread subtitle or at the top of the post containing the material. Libertas aims to be a site where all players can be comfortable, and as such, you must communicate with your partners about their limits or the directions a thread might take, and be mindful of the content you are writing.

age verification is not forced for the shipper or wanted ad boards. Be sure to use the [*restricted][/*restricted] tags as required in these areas.

three. We do not have a word count. You may indicate your post length/speed preferences in the My Controls section of your OOC Account.

four. You may have up to three characters from a single fandom, provided it's large enough. However, we ask that you do not apply for characters who are heavily involved in each others stories. Please only apply for one main character from a given series, to allow for others interested in the fandom.

five. You do not have to adhere to any existing character's canon points, and are free to take characters from wherever you'd like.

cbox rules one. Our respect rule covers the cbox as well - if people ask for a topic to be dropped, drop it.

two. Do not hassle other members in the cbox for plots or posts! If you're interested in plotting, we have an entire forum dedicated to it.

three. Do not tag your partners in the cbox - it's likely to get lost in the conversation. Instead, you may utilise the Jcink Alert System to let your partners know a post is ready for them.

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