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New to the site? The best place to start would be right here - where you can find the site rules, as well as all our information topics for the site! Please make sure to read everything before applying. If you have any questions, feel free to contact a staff member.
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As time goes on, things will need to change - but it's always good to get a heads up when they do! All updates for the site will be posted in here, so be sure to keep an eye on it for any unexpected announcements.
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Have you finished a thread and need it to be archived? Is there a mistake in your mini-profile? Do you need to drop a character or archive an app? Do you need an IC board made for whatever reason? If so, this is the board to look in. You can also ask questions or give us site suggestions.
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the city records

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Please post your character profile here for acceptance. You may also post a WIP, but remember to let staff know in the notification thread once you're done! We do not have a reserve process. Please read all the important threads inside before making your character!
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All accepted applications will be moved into this board! If you ever feel the need to rewrite your app, please notify a staff member and resubmit it in the creation board. Once your app has been accepted, please remember to fill out your claims and miniprofile.
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This is the place to post your plot page. You can also put up wanted ads and other character searches in here! All things plot related can be found within this board.
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etoile heights

bellona tower


The only building to stand out more than the Vesta is the Bellona Tower. Dead in the centre of the city, the Bellona Tower houses all the workings of government and management, from the HQ of its automated security personnel to the bureaucrats and big moneymakers. The building rises in to the sky like a spire, decked in neon and chrome, with the word "Libertas" rising high above its entrance.
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etoile crescent


Bright, clean and quiet, the crescent is home to Bellona's most established citizens. Some houses sit directly on the smooth street fronts, while others are set aways back, surrounded by artificial trees and custom illuminations. There's a sense of the old world about this place, of tradition and expectation, and it feels like it moves a little slower than the rest of the city. It is here that, for some reason, the stars seem to shine the brightest - perhaps to distract from whatever else the night holds.
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oldtown canals


One of the few places to find natural greenery in the city, the Oldtown Canals cut through the heart of Bellona. Weeping branches brush the surface of the canal water, growing from spaces within the cleanly kept cobblestones. The water's surface is mostly still, as the city long ago gave up traditional boats for more convenient hover versions. The lights of the surrounding buildings are reflected within the canals, save for the shadows beneath the minimal lines of city's bridges.
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orsir flat

the inner flat


The Inner Flat is the site for all the well established and Consul-run establishments. Large department stores and Bellona-approved highrises dominate the area, super sleek and super modern, with every top-of-the-line amenity that can be imagined. You'd be hard pressed to find a sentient store-front worker, although many agree the animatronics do just as well. The wide streets are illuminated by clear, white light, and are lined with trees so carefully crafted you'd be surprised to discover they're not real.
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the outer flat


While everything in the Inner Flat is streamlined to perfection, the Outer circle has far more character. The buildings here express individuality, as the area's artists and inventors attempt to entice customers from the streets with the next big thing. Things are a bit more free here, a bit more open and experimental, although a far call from the anarchy of the Falls. But for those after something just a bit different to the standard sleek modernity, there is no better place to search for it than in the outer edges of the Flat.
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the radials


The Radials are five wide, straight boulevards that cut through the curve of the city, each heading in the direction of the Bellona Tower. While they go through each section of Bellona, they are most accessible while in Orsir Flat - the sections in Etoile Heights are heavily guarded, and their path in the Falls is often obscured and has been reclaimed by the residents. Many events, parades and processions make their way down the Radials, and the streets are nearly always awash with colour and city-sponsored cheer.
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the falls

bellona aeroport


Although technically within the bounds of The Falls, the Bellona Aeroport is quite distinct from the rest of the area. It is guarded and secure, with everyone passing through its doors carefully monitored for any antisocial behaviour. The building is large, with domed ceilings to house the passengers waiting for their flights. The place is dripped in class, done in an elegant Baroque style that differs from the rest of the city. Housed at its edges are the airships waiting to carry customers to their destinations. Strangely, there are no services to the Lowlands - only to the smaller, outer islands of the city.
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city outskirts


The most dangerous place to be in Bellona, both structurally and socially. The people here, for whatever reason, can't leave the city's crumbling edges. Every now and again the remnants of a grand old building falls to the lowlands below, neon signs long faded, and everyone is forced to shift their makeshift homes a little closer to the centre.
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the junkyard


Where all old material comes to die: the junykard. Trash lies in heaps, unattended and unwanted, and not even the scavengers bother to keep an area clean and tidy. Everyone knows it will all just eventually fall down on to the Lowlands, and why worry about something when it will soon become someone else's problem?
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port aurelia



Port Aurelia is Bellona's newest sister island, custom designed for peace and relaxation. Wrapping around the Easternmost edge of the island is the township of Aurelia. Unlike Bellona, it has a somewhat rustic charm, with delicately decorated beach-front buildings and cobbled streets giving the impression of a historical island getaway. At night the streets are lit with a softer light than those in the main city, giving and old world charm to this floating, technological marvel.
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aurelia wilds


Aurelia's largest draw is its artificial wilderness. Hinterland dominates the centre of the island, covered in dense forests with all sorts of unexpected treasures inside. Surrounding the coast, wrapped the whole way around the island, lies Bellona's premier beach - a must see for any city-dwelling holiday maker.
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out of character

general chat


Want to chat out of character, share graphics or other, non-site related writing? Feel free to post all of that and more in here. Inside you can also find a place to introduce yourself and let us know if you need to take a break.
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