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 Posted: Jun 22 2015, 06:42 AM


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welcome to bellona

The Consul welcomes you to Bellona, the city in the sky! Your journey from the Lowlands was surely tiring, but once you are well and rested, we invite you to explore our grand city - and your new home. Bellona's citizens come from far and wide, and while some memories of their past is lost and hazy, we all work together towards the bright tomorrow.

Pay no mind to the eyes of the Tower, or the security automatons that patrol the city's crumbling edges. They are simply there to ensure everything runs smoothly and peacefully for all of our varied citizens. Instead of letting your mind dwell on something so inconsequential, why not occupy it with a bit of excitement? There are many opportunities for the wealthy new citizen amongst the stars of Etoile Heights, or places to waste away the hours in the sleek and modern Inner Flat. For those who seek something a bit more personalised, or absolutely cutting-edge, the artistic and energetic vibe of the Outer Flat might be more your scene. Just be sure to avoid the crumbling mess of the Falls - explosions are a common sight out there, and as it falls outside of the city's security perimeter, the Consul can not guarantee your safety.

And there is always the chance to take a leisurely ride on one of the city's first-class airships - not back down to the Lowlands, beneath the clouds! That route has been closed indefinitely. No, your only destination is the picturesque Port Aurelia, the technical marvel that has brought all of the wonders of nature up here in the sky, where it can be enjoyed beneath the careful guidance of Bellona.

Welcome again, to your new home. Soon the memories of the past will become as hazy as the outline of the earth below - but you do not need those, because up here, we are working towards a bigger and brighter tomorrow.

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